Rob Dalton / December 19, 2014

Sharing a Story about Inclusivity

The Arc of King County helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities pursue fulfilling lives. Wire Stone worked closely with The Arc to develop a more resonant story; we designed a symbol to embody its inclusive ethos; and we created a campaign to generate awareness and raise funds. We also crafted  a communications guide to help The Arc maintain a compelling, consistent voice across channels, so its vital message resonates and inspires action.

In a joyous collaborative process, we crafted this core story together…

Everyone has something to give

We all have strengths, and we all have difficulties—that’s what makes us human. The Arc of King County helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities establish meaningful, independent lives. We nurture sustainable communities by working with people, walking alongside them to ensure they have access to the same opportunities that everyone deserves. By providing information and advocacy, we empower people to make better decisions.

We work with all individuals, discovering their unique goals and needs so we can provide advice and access to vital services. For those who can live independently with a little assistance, we provide the hands-on daily services—from shopping to paying bills and making appointments—that enable a person to find a place in community life.

The Arc is dedicated to collaborative learning, sharing stories to connect people through common experience. We advocate for inclusion and shine a light on the fact that everyone has unique abilities. We encompass all ages and abilities, because we believe we can all live, love, and thrive—together.

The Arc of King County—what we want for ourselves, we want for everyone.

And here’s the print campaign we created to improve awareness and drive participation.

Wire Stone is grateful to work with passionate people who have dedicated their lives to good work. We encourage you to support them in this important pursuit—visit