HP Inc. Sales Central Case Study


Transforming HP resources into engaging experiences

Wire Stone helps grow the world’s largest tech-partner ecosystem

Imagine a catalog of over 500,000 products and accessories, a channel of 60,000 worldwide partners, and a direct sales force of 10,000 reps. Now imagine trying to bring all those resources together to deliver a seamless customer experience.

That’s exactly what HP needed Wire Stone to accomplish with a renovation of HP Sales Central. We understood that fine-tuning an ecosystem this large was beyond the capabilities of traditional CRM and CMS systems. Leaning on years of familiarity with the HP-partner universe—and the prowess of our strategy and technical teams—we developed a sales platform that leverages the latest cloud technologies and advanced customer-experience marketing tactics.

At the heart of the new scalable cloud platform is a content engine designed to support more than a million assets totaling a terabyte of data—content that is now readily available 24x7 to sales teams in 60 countries. To create more targeted experiences, we built in multiple personalization features, such as a presentation builder that allows sales reps to create custom decks from a central library with more than 2,000 presentations. An AI open-source stack powers the recommendation engine, while delivering a continual feed of relevant customer insights to sales teams. And finally—the dream of every executive team—an Adobe Analytics platform supports genuine data science for real-time insights on the success of HP product portfolios.

Today, HP Sales Central has drawn more than 25 million page views, facilitated 400,000 resource downloads annually, and grown the channel by 70%. The numbers confirm that relevant experiences can be transformative. With Wire Stone’s help, HP’s sales-enablement program now offers the targeted experiences the technical giant needs to grow even bigger.