HP Enterprise Partner Ready Portal Case Study

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Providing HPE partners with a place to prosper

Wire Stone transformed the way HPE empowers pivotal resellers

Resellers are HP’s lifeblood. What began as an online resource to provide these partners with timely resources grew into a maze of siloed portals, each with different logins and publishing standards. In the words of one partner, the experience was like “finding a needle in a haystack of needles.” After 16 years of close partnership, HP knew it could count on Wire Stone to bring unconventional thinking to this complicated challenge.

Wire Stone transformed HP’s resource labyrinth into a partner-centric super-highway. We designed a new portal on a new platform with a single gateway for the entire global ecosystem. We made the portal customizable with user-selected dashboard tools and region-specific content to satisfy the unique needs of hundreds of thousands of partners.

The project became even more complicated when HP announced its split into HPE and HPI, which meant the portal had to split as well. Taking a clone-and-cleanse approach, we divided the content and re-branded the HPE site. We then supported rollout with playbooks, awareness banners, training events, and message maps.

Today, the HPE Partner Ready Portal is available in 166 countries, and is used by more than 22,000 partners and 650,000 individuals. It boasts the highest adoption levels for any HPE portal, with 76% of partners returning multiple times a day. User satisfaction has risen by 120%, and productivity by 33%. With HPE Partner-Ready Portal, Wire Stone went beyond updating a vital partner resource—we revolutionized the HPE partner experience.

“The HPE Partner Ready Portal is now a single place to access any type of business tool. Previously, you needed a PhD in HP! The new portal is a huge help to the entire community.”

Mark Van Treese / Technical Services Manager, TechData