Carbonite Case Study



Wire Stone backs Carbonite’s rapid evolution by reimagining the customer experience

Carbonite was founded in 2005 as a provider of affordable, automatic backup plans for home computer users and very small businesses. Over the ensuing decade, Carbonite rose to become the dominant provider of cloud backup to consumers.

In 2014, Carbonite approached Wire Stone with the aim of growing their small business segment, and eventually expanding into the more lucrative market for midsize businesses. As a first step, Wire Stone built a Customer Experience Engine designed to target small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and increase customer conversions. It worked wonders. Through the use of focused audience segmentation and lifecycle identification—and the delivery of customized messages, content, and buy flows—Carbonite was able to significantly increase SMB sales.

That marked the beginning of an explosive growth period for Carbonite. In the years that followed, Carbonite acquired two key companies as part of the ongoing effort to expand their business into the midmarket space. Wire Stone once again played a pivotal role, this time by helping Carbonite integrate their new acquisitions, in terms of both branding and marketing.

Wire Stone developed unified messaging and branding for Carbonite, consolidated the three different company websites into one unified site, and led the charge into Carbonite’s web videos, targeted radio advertising, motion graphics and digital collateral. The refreshed brand and marketing helped propel the company into a broader business market and continued to drive revenue across each of their product lines—old and new. 

Carbonite now presents itself to the world as a trusted, expert provider of data protection solutions for businesses—offering cloud and hybrid backup plans, disaster recovery, data migration and high availability—all supported by secure and scalable global cloud infrastructure.

Carbonite Virtual Migration

Carbonite’s plan to build the leading data protection platform for businesses is working to perfection, and paying tremendous dividends.