Cartier Case Study


Transforming Cartier retail with curated experiences

Wire Stone integrated immersive environments in premier Cartier locations

Cartier has captured the imaginations of celebrities and royalty since 1847. But even the “jeweler of kings” must find innovative ways to reach new customers. To connect with a younger clientele, the premier brand turned to Wire Stone for help developing a series of interactive in-store experiences.

We first created the “New York in the 70s” exhibit, timed to celebrate the re-issue of the brand’s Aldo Cipullo designs. Our emerging-experience team developed a digital retrospective built on HP VantagePoint wall technology. Loaded with images of fashion’s leading iconoclasts and historical touchstones, the wall brought to life 70s-era New York culture, capturing the vibe that gave birth to the timeless “Love” bracelet and Juste un Clou line.

Cartier then asked Wire Stone to create an experience that introduces the digital generation to the beauty of analog and the intricacies of fine watchmaking. The multi-touch exhibit allowed the jeweler to share—in exquisite detail—the micro feats of engineering hidden inside each of its classic timepieces. The work was so well received, Cartier asked us to localize it for high-value Asian markets.

More than evoking history and providing a glimpse of what makes the brand tick, Wire Stone provided Cartier with new ways to connect with customers, elevating the entire retail experience.