Cradlepoint Case Study


Transforming the Cradlepoint brand

Wire Stone translated high-tech vision into a resonant new identity

When Wire Stone first partnered with Cradlepoint in 2013, the wireless-solution provider was already dominating the 4G market. The Cradlepoint brand, however, had not kept pace with the company’s wildly successful technology. Cradlepoint turned to Wire Stone to sharpen its brand appeal, pave the way into new markets, and attract potential acquisitions.

The engagement began with Wire Stone’s strategy team working with resellers, customers, and carriers to lay the groundwork for a new brand platform. Once we defined Cradlepoint’s current status and future aspirations, we developed market-tuned messaging and a powerful new look to reflect the company’s position as the leading 4G provider. We also provided messaging and brand guidelines to ensure the implementation remained focused and consistent.


Next we tackled Cradlepoint’s web presence, which was content-heavy and difficult to navigate. Leveraging the work of the strategy team, we delivered a progressive, user-centric web experience and user interface that keeps the site's voluminous content in check. Site visitors can now self-identify specific needs that quickly lead to ideal solutions. These web transformations—along with a video and series of demand-gen banner ads—extended Cradlepoint’s reach into new audiences and verticals.

Wire Stone helped Cradlepoint develop a new identity that better reflects its dominant presence in a fiercely competitive market.