Microsoft Marketing & Operations Case Study

Microsoft Marketing and operations

Unifying the global Microsoft story

Wire Stone helps international teams deliver consistent, relevant messages

The more global the enterprise, the bigger the challenge to keep everyone on the same “brand page.” Content development at Microsoft is dynamic; ownership is shared and priorities don’t always align. In the past, insufficient guidelines and disparate resources made it difficult for teams in the field to identify—let alone rally behind—core brand messages. Knowing our experience with content strategy, Microsoft turned to Wire Stone for a solution.

Communicating a consistent brand narrative requires a clear, consensus-built process for unifying teams behind an authentic story. After completing the essential groundwork—research, interviews, and analytics—our strategists created a comprehensive framework designed to guide content development, encourage best practices, and establish guardrails to simplify messaging alignment.

Regardless of where they live on the marketing continuum, Microsoft teams now have a unified reference to help ensure continuity in the customer experience.