Microsoft SQL Server Data Driven Case Study


Accelerating excitement for a Microsoft announcement

A Wire Stone video series blows away its audience—literally

The Microsoft SQL Server team tasked Wire Stone with generating social media buzz for two major product announcements at the Data Driven event in New York City. The goal was simple: Lure as many viewers as possible to witness CEO Satya Nadella revealing what’s next in a way that “blows everyone away.” 

We cooked up a campaign designed around a literal interpretation of that directive, capturing Microsoft SQL Server executives (and a Linux penguin) enduring gale-force winds in super slow motion. Over the 10 days leading up to the event, the videos launched on YouTube and Microsoft social channels, generating a hurricane of interest. 

Microsoft SQL Server Data Driven Video Stills

From concept to deployment, we completed 10 videos in just three weeks. The work helped inspire more than 250,000 people to watch the keynote, and spurred a surge of on-demand viewing of related content. The “blown away” campaign was so well received that Microsoft requested additional videos for internal presentations and community building starring leaders who wanted in on the fun. You could say the whole project was “a blast.” 
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