Microsoft North American Eagle Storytelling Case Study


Transforming Microsoft’s customer stories

Wire Stone broke engagement records telling a riveting story about speed

Microsoft selected Wire Stone to reenergize the way it tells cloud and enterprise success stories. We began by upending the standard corporate storytelling hierarchy and leading with a simple question: What story will the audience find most compelling?

This approach first required a collaborative inquiry to discover the story that potential customers would find most irresistible. The North American Eagle proved to be the ideal subject: a female metal fabricator attempting to drive a converted F-104 Lockheed Starfighter faster than the speed of sound.

North American Eagle

Wire Stone captured the grit and grandeur of this historic pursuit while celebrating the technology that made it possible—the Microsoft Cloud enabled the processing of incredible amounts of data to inform crucial adjustments to the jet car. By reducing the time from data to insight, Microsoft empowered an ambitious mission to claim the land-speed record.

The video premiered at Microsoft Ignite 2015 to rave reviews, quickly earning more than 30,000 views. It also earned the attention of CEO Satya Nadella, for whom we reshaped the piece for his World Partner Conference keynote—a perfect narrative to illuminate his “cloud-first, mobile-first” vision. Featured on the Microsoft home page, the video’s audience continues to expand, far exceeding expectations and generating positive feelings about Microsoft.

“Wow. Absolutely love this. Fantastic work!”

Jacob Grimm / Microsoft SENIOR Product Marketing Manager