Motorola Case Study


Transforming Motorola product launches

Wire Stone scales up to deliver integrated global launch materials

For more than 15 years, Wire Stone has helped Motorola achieve maximum retail impact through an elegant blend of design and technology, supported by super-agile production. When the relationship began, it was all about envelope-busting e-brochures. Today, it’s in-store materials, flexible e-tailer kits, and a broad range of video content to ensure Motorola stands out in a hyper-competitive market.

Making of bounce

Our cumulative knowledge of Motorola’s business, products, and processes enables us to deliver top-quality work despite blazing timelines. Every year we support its worldwide marketing endeavors with interactive digital displays, collateral, and thousands of user interfaces, all carefully calibrated to enhance a seamless customer experience—from pre-purchase research to in-store exploration. We also create dozens of videos for both online and in-store, each localized for release around the globe. This effort requires close collaboration between Motorola and Wire Stone to align and meet constant deadlines, while remaining responsive enough to make changes at a moment’s notice.

Motorola Lynx

In the crowded mobile-device space, a successful launch relies on reaching consumers where they are with engaging experiences tailored to each step of the consideration process. Wire Stone’s focus on agility and scale, combined with our product and consumer expertise, ensures Motorola products always get the strongest start possible.